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  • Concentrate on the difficulties and make great achievements
    Concentrate on the difficulties and make great achievements

    On November 5th and 6th, 2019, all employees of our company organized a two-day outdoor development activity. The theme of this expansion is: cohesion, communication, trust, and win-win, aiming to improve teamwork and enhance cohesion.Cohesion generates strength and unites birth hope. During the eve

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  • Mid-Autumn Festival
    Mid-Autumn Festival

    The circle is a miss, the circle is a reunion, the circle is a blessing, this Mid-Autumn Festival, the heart is full of the moon. On September 17th, Jintan held a Mid-Autumn Festival cake dinner with the theme of “Heart and Heart, Love Mid-Autumn Festival”. The Jintan people gathered together to cel

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Our company was established in Zhangzhou in 1993. It is a private enterprise specializing in the production of hygiene products.  The company has established a complete product distribution, installation and professional after-sales service.  




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